This document aims to capture the key messages from the hindsight review / "wash-up" meetings held for a number of Retrofit for the Future case study projects located within the London area.

Bere:architects made a major contribution to this report, contributing to two of the eight, case studies (D & H), which were our projects for Southern Housing and Hounslow Housing. The interviews with the editors were long and detailed, but also enjoyable and entertaining. We enjoyed getting to know the authors who are all well-known leaders at the UCL Energy Institute; fine and charismatic teachers of students working at an advanced academic level, not because they hope to 'advance themselves and make more money' in the current political parlance, but because they hope that their sacrifice will help advance the UK towards a sustainable future.  

The report contains key findings under the following headings: 

  1. The importance of developing a high level retrofit strategy

  2. Effective handover procedures 

  3. Supply chain considerations

  4. The on-site training for trades

  5. The establishment of early liaison with planning and building control